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User Feedback

"My co-worker and I have been reviewing your script with great interest. It is by far the most advanced and well-documented SAS script I ever came across. We are especially impressed by your constant efforts in maintaining and improving the script."

Hung Tam Nguyen, Principal Analyst, Models and Risk Measures, Laurentian Bank of Canada

"I just wanted to thank you for all the great code you provide. In particular, the CheckLog macro and its supporting VB scripts reliably report on a dozen automated ETL processes that our agency depends on. All your extra effort making the macro versatile, robust, and well documented enabled someone with absolutely no macro language experience (me), to successfully implement CheckLog."

Nathan Champlin, SAS Intelligence Platform Administrator, Bureau of Automotive Repair of California

"I have used your CheckLog macro during my time at university and it has been very beneficial ensuring my program logs are clean, so thank you very much for that!"

"I have found the macro highly useful and has enabled me to produce accurate results with clean logs during my time at Phastar. I have also learnt some tips and tricks by having read through the code which has helped me further develop my SAS programming skills, having only had basic understanding. Thank you so much!"

Ruhel Hussain, Statistical Programmer