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Enterprise Guide

Pop-Up Message

The pop-up message in Enterprise Guide may "pop-down", that is, behind the current window. If you are unable to find it, check the Windows taskbar for a program titled "Log Status".

Keyboard Shortcut

I have not been able to set CheckLog to a keyboard shortcut in Enterprise Guide. However, given the issues detailed below, that may not work anyway.

Current Log

The log in Enterprise Guide is different than the log in the interactive display manager or batch log. As a result, it is not (yet) possible to export the log via the CheckLog macro for review. Enterprise Guide users, however, can work around this issue in a few ways. Here are two:

Export within Program

Use PROC PRINTTO with the LOG= option to specify a physical location for your log. Optionally turn off printing to that file before executing CheckLog. For example:

/* Set a directory and filename for the log */
%let log=%sysfunc(pathname(work))\work.log;

/* Print the log to the specified location */
proc printto log="&LOG";

/* Run some SAS code... */
proc sql;
    create table test as
    select *
    from sashelp.vtable

/* Turn off printing to the file */
proc printto;

/* Check the external log */
/* Note: The shadow is set to "N" (No) since it is not necessary to copy the log */
%checklog(&LOG, shadow=N);

Export within Project

Export the log as a step in the project. First, turn on the visibility of the log in Options > Project Views > "Show SAS output log":

Second, run the code and once its complete, right click on the log object in the project and click on Export > "Export Log as a Step In Project". Walk through the wizard, which will create a step to export the log to a specific file.

Finally, insert a new program that consists of a call to CheckLog with the specific file you exported above as the first argument. Rename the program CheckLog. Right click on the file and select the exported log object.

The CheckLog program can be used as a branch point at which your project can change based on the status of the previous steps.